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These podcasts highlight the best of NgM Radio.

The Pintubi Nine

The Pintubi Nine is a radio documentary about the first contact between a family of Pintubi and white culture in 1984.

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Duration: 46:40
Air date: September 09, 2014

Nyukuti Watson Interview with Sen. Nigel Scullion and Rick Wilson MP

Senator Nigel Scullion, Federal Minister for Indigenous Affairs, and Rick Wilson, Federal MP for the seat of O'Connor visited the NG Media studio in Wingellina. While here, they spent some time with Nyukuti Watson on air, answering questions and talking about why they were here.

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Duration: 07:32
Air date: May 01, 2014

Interview Excerpt - Sen. Nigel Scullion Impressed by NG Media

A short excerpt from today's interview with Senator Nigel Scullion, Federal Minister for Indigenous Affairs, where he describes his positive impressions of NG Media

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Duration: 0:17
Air date: May 01, 2014

Interview Excerpt - Sen. Nigel Scullion describes the importance of jobs on the lands

A second excerpt from today's interview with Senator Nigel Scullion, Federal Minister for Indigenous Affairs, where he describes the importance of jobs wherever Aboriginal people wish to live.

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Duration: 0:23
Air date: May 01, 2014

Marcia Mitchell Speaks to Member for Kalgoorlie, Wendy Duncan

Wendy Duncan, Member for Kalgoorlie for the Western Australian National Party, popped by the NG Media studios and shared a lunch with the media works here. Marcia Mitchell had a chat to her on air and asked her why she's visiting and also why she thinks NG Media is important for the Ngaanyatjarra Lands. Listen here.

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Duration: 04:32
Air date: March 26, 2014

Interview with Paul Rosair and Jenni Collard

An interview by presenter Marcia Mitchell with Paul Rosair and Jenni Collard from the WA Department of Regional Development during their visit to Irrunytju (Wingellina)

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Duration: 07:20
Air date: March 12, 2014

Program of the Week

Presented by DJ Matty -Radio NGM's Program of the Week Featuring artists; - Bruno Mars - Timomatic - Damien Marley

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Duration: 53:28
Air date: March 06, 2014

Police Beat: Watch Out For Your Neighbour!

Do you ever think that maybe your neighbour needs help? Well now is time to get together make sure everyone is happy and safe with the help of Neighbourhood Watch. Miss Daisy and Alana from Radio NGM speak with Ingrid Stonhill, the CEO of Neighbourhood Watch in Australasia, Bernie Durkin, Executive Manager of the Community Engagement Division of W.A Police and Vice President of Neighbourhood Watch Australasia and also Michael Hebb from the N.T Police. Listen here to learn more about out how you can get involved and help your community in 2014.

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Duration: 49:37
Air date: December 12, 2013

Police Beat: Word on the Street

The police play an important role in keeping our children and us safe all across the Lands. Criselda Stevens and Alana Mahony interview special guests Senior Constable Jon Maskell, Youth Liaison Officer and Senior Constable Paul Donnellan, Crime Prevention Officer. The pair are based in Kalgoorlie but regularly travel out to the lands and will be around to help you with crimes. In this interview we hear about the new Crime Stoppers anonymous hotline for the Lands that you can call if you need help or have information for police. The number to call is 1800 333 000.

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Duration: 12:44
Air date: November 25, 2013

Jasmine Program of the Week

Live from Warburton, Jasmine Lawson is joined by youth workers, Casey, Nick and Matt, from the Warburton Rangers. Jasmine talks to the guys, in Ngaanyatjarra and English, about the great work they are doing with the kids and what events they have coming up. Also, there is a great mix of local music and classic hits that we’ve come to expect from Jasmine. Enjoy!

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File size: 54 MB
Duration: 64:00
Air date: November 25, 2013

New Music Interview

Ng Media is always producing new music but right now is an especially exciting time for Ngaanyatjarra musicians! Take a listen to Music Producer, James Winwood, chatting with Radio NGM’s Alana Mahony about the latest bunch of tracks released from The Lands and get an inside peak into remote desert music production. PLUS, hear about the upcoming 2013 AWME conference held in Melbourne from 14th - 17th of November. The interview includes songs from artists such as; Matty O’Toole, Hinerangi Tukere,The Blackstone Girls, The Irrunytju Kungkas, Nanta Brown and The Sunset Band. Tracks include; Blackstone Girls - Blackstone Girls This is the Life - Irrunytju Kungkas Lonely Girl – Blackstone Girls Dancing in the Moonlight – Wanarn Sunset Band Where is my Family – Nanta Brown You’re Amazing – DJ Matty feat. Hinerangi

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Duration: 37:09
Air date: November 12, 2013

Wingellina School's Awesome Radio Broadcast

The senior class from the Wingellina Community have been broadcasting their own radio program for a few months now..... and my how they've grown! This week, 15 students attended class and broadcast live on Radio NGM. These superstars are not only developing their communication skills but they are delivering their program with confidence. As you will hear, they are also having lots of fun along the way!

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Duration: 46:39
Air date: November 07, 2013

Tjuntjuntjara kids interview & song

​The school children from the remote community of Tjuntjuntjara have recently had a very exciting opportunity that took them all the way to Sydney, the first time seeing the ocean for some of them! Take a listen to this 6 minute interview with them here.

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File size: 7 MB
Duration: 5:52
Air date: September 06, 2013

Interview with Callum & Themis (short)

Radio NgM short feature piece for August 2013 Callum Hann (2010 Masterchef contestant) and Themis Chryssidis (dietician) from the Adelaide cooking school Sprout have travelled to the Ngaanyatjarra Lands to work on our next 2 episodes of Desert Kitchen, which will be filmed near the community of Cosmo Newberry. Check out this short interview about how they're feeling on their first day in Wingellina!

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Duration: 4:08
Air date: August 22, 2013


Radio NGM Feature Podcast for May 2013 NG Media takes you behind the scenes of this year's Blackstone Festival band night. Listen to backstage interviews with the bands, straight after their live performances.

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File size: 12 MB
Duration: 12:30
Air date: May 24, 2013

Warburton Mission Documentary

Presented by Belle Davidson. ABC Radio National’s Hindsight program in February 2013.
Yarnangu people tell their stories of how life was for themselves and their families in the early days of the mission.

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Duration: 12:34
Air date: March 08, 2013

Media Workers Show

Presented by Noeleen Peterman This program introduces a new part of the NG Media team each episode. This episode explores the making of the Warburton Mission documentary.

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File size: 20 MB
Duration: 27:06
Air date: March 07, 2013

Kungka Career Conference

A conference held in Yulara, NT - Helping young women with career opportunities in radio broadcasting, singing, cooking and positive relationships.

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Duration: 6:00
Air date: March 01, 2013

Warburton Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club consists of a bunch of inspiring women in Warburton who have started a club to provide breakfast for the children in the community. They aim to encourage the kids to go to school and more importantly provide a healthy start to the day. The Breakfast Club has grown over time and the women now provide food for the HACC program, delivering meals to the elderly in the community. Several catering contracts have also been won and the group is growing with the launch of a book and the planned expansion of their catering facilities.

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Duration: 8:09
Air date: January 01, 2013

Minyma Kutjara Story

Minyma Kutjara (Two women) is one of the most important women’s creation stories of the Western and Southern deserts and a special story for Irrunytju. It tells the story of the difficult journey of two sisters who travelled throughout these vast lands. The places where the sisters travelled and rested can be traced through the desert, their actions often created landmarks, rock-holes and mountain ranges.

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File size: 63 MB
Duration: 1:26
Air date: June 01, 2012

NGM Radio Podcast 5

Presented by Chris Reid this episode includes:
 - The story of Kangaroo Jack told by Noeli Roberts
 - Stories of young mining leaders from around the lands
 - Belle Davidson and Ernest Bennett tell their Tjukurpa stories
- Music from local community bands

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File size: 40 MB
Duration: 60:00
Air date: February 01, 2013

NGM Radio Podcast 4

Presented by Noleen Peterman this episode includes:
 - Rose Winter tells about life in Cosmo Newberry
 - Stories from Youth Expo  2004
 - Turlku (music)  Perth International Arts Festival in 2007(part 2)
- Music from local community bands

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File size: 45 MB
Duration: 60:00
Air date: January 01, 2013

NGM Radio Podcast 3

Presented by Natalie O’Toole this episode includes: 
- Healthy eating for Adults 
- Turlku (music) from the  Perth International Arts Festival in 2007 (part 1) 
- The story of the Grinding Stone – told by Pulpuru Davis

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File size: 43 MB
Duration: 60:00
Air date: November 01, 2012

NGM Radio Podcast 2

Presented by Delissa Ryder this episode includes: - Healthy eating for teenagers
- Sexual health
 - The story of Kapi Piti (Water-hole) – told by Pulpura Davis from Patjarr
 - Music from local community bands

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File size: 44 MB
Duration: 60:00
Air date: October 01, 2012

NGM Radio Podcast 1

Presented by Belle Davidson this episode includes: - Healthy food for kids
 - The tjukurpa of Karrpalma, Alkuwari and their grandson, Mangati – told by Belle Davidson
 - Music from local community bands

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File size: 42 MB
Duration: 60:00
Air date: September 01, 2012